About Us

Welcome to our website, PreservingTheMonarchButterfly.com — We’re happy you’re here!

Monarch Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures to walk (or fly) the Earth, or we think so at least! We are dedicated to not only preserving the Monarch Butterfly, but also to helping their species grow and thrive through awareness and education, by teaching people about these beautiful insects. Join us!

We believe through education about the butterfly, how it grows and evolves, effects the environment, and interacts with the other wild life around it, people will be more inclined to be involved in helping it grow and prosper.

Did you know that the entire monarch butterfly population has decreased by an alarming 90% in the last 20 years according to the National Wildlife Federation? This has been due to a decrease in their main food source while in their caterpillar stage, milkweed, which is being killed off by pesticides and other toxic chemicals, in addition to the decrease in their Mexican habitat and global climate changes.

Please help us in trying to preserve the Monarch butterfly. Something as simple as sharing this website can make all the difference, or even committing to help increase their food sources by planting food for them in your own back yard.

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